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Towns Toured :

Towns Toured :

Mount Shasta, McCloud, Dunsmuir, Weed, Redding, Burney, Hat Creek & Weaverville.

Areas Toured :

Areas Toured :

Mount Shasta, Bunny Flats, Old Ski Park on Mt Shasta, Lower McCloud Falls, Middle McCloud Falls, Upper McCloud Falls, Upper Sacramento River, Castle Crags, High Mountain Lakes by foot. Burney Falls, Lassen Park, Castle Lake, Gumboot Lake, Shasta Valley. Mossbrae Falls, Hedge Creek Falls.

Unique Sites We Offer :

Unique Sites We Offer :

Shasta Caverns, Old Shasta Historical Museum, Burney Falls and Hat Creek Valley. Hat Creek. Joaquin Miller. Mt Shasta Museum, McCloud Museum, Lassen Park Monument. Float the Upper Sacramento River on a scenic tour, see bald eagles. Float the Trinity River. Float McCloud River near Shasta Lake. Float McCloud Reservoir, Lake Siskiyou. Rent party boats and tour you on lake Siskiyou and your whole family.

Unique Talks Sample And Characters Covered :

Unique Talks Sample And Characters Covered :

The first name of the Sacramento River was Buena Ventura and was owned by Mexico and called Alta California. Hearst Story, How did the Hearst Castle come about on the McCloud River and how did the Hearst gain their national wealth. Sutter’s Fort and the California Gold Rush and how it brought many to the Sacramento and Trinity Rivers area.

The McCloud River

The McCloud River

The McCloud River became the first west coast salmon & trout fish hatchery in 1872, by a man named Livingston Stone. With the help of the local Wintu Indians and Spencer Baird, trout were shipped all over the United States and the Southern Hemisphere. (Where Shasta lake is now.)

Justin Sisson

Justin Sisson

Justin Sisson owned a lodge and a tavern in the area around the 1880’s he helped pioneer this area and the town was named after him until 1924. Plus so many more stories. History of the railroads and how they carved their way to Manifest Destiny.

Things to do in Mount Shasta

Get Outside!  Mount Shasta is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.  Fish are abundant in the lakes, streams, and rivers throughout the area, and hanging out by the water is always a pleasant way to pass the time.  Hiking trails are littered throughout the mountains and the Pacific Crest Trail crosses Interstate 5 just 30 miles south of Mount Shasta at Castle Crags State Park.  Take a ride on the Blue Goose Excursion Train and get breathtaking views of Mt. Shasta on the three hour ride.  The area is awesome to explore and taking drives on the highways and byways is always a good time for those that are less inclined to mountaineer 14,000 foot tall volcanoes.

Day Tours Mount Shasta, Touring Dunsmuir, McCloud & Mt Shasta’s Best Locations, Waterfalls, Peaks & Rivers

1. Pick Up at your lodge – 10 am

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The Old Post Office And The Local History We Cover Like No Other.

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Trip To Our Local Rivers At The Most Historic And Pristine Locations.

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That Photo Shot You’ve Been Trying To Find For Years, We Know Where It’s At.

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Unique Waterfalls & Precious Family Photos, Our Specialty.


Towering Mountain Peaks That Make You Feel On Top Of The World, Let’s Go!

lower falls 1

More Classic Waterfalls We Have 7 Great Ones In Our Region.

mccloud falls1

We Do Tours All Winter, But Spring & Summer Can Be Awesome As We Know Where Wild Flowers Grow At Each Elevation Each Month.

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Area Wildlife Walking And Viewing From A Safe Distances In A Professional Raft, Class 2 & 3.

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Finally Mount Shasta For Those Pictures That Last a Lifetime, Back To Your Lodge Or Downtown By 3 pm.

Cost: $95 Per Person for 5 Hours, 10 am to 3 pm, Daily.

Get On The Tour!

All Tour Guides Are Licensed By The USFS By Special Use Permit Shasta/Trinity Forest. We Honor All Races, Religions & Human Beings We Never Discriminate Against Anyone, It’s Everyone’s Forest And Want To Share It With You And Your Family, Welcome To The Mount Shasta Area. Many Vistas, Jack & Carola Trout - 530-926-4540 or Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.jacktrout.com

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