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Since 1994, We have been your complete Mount Shasta tour based company that offers step-on bus tours and individual tours, as well as vehicle & van tours for groups, events, companies, tour operators and families. We are one of the only operators to hold all of the necessary and required permits with the USFS National Forest for the Shasta/Trinity National Forest and are the areas oldest and most experienced tour company.

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We are not a spiritual based tour company, we appreciate and hold the upmost respect to area legends like Jedediah Smith, Joaquin Miller, John Muir, Black Bart and Justin Sisson who truly settled these lands and they never reported any Lemurians running around the area. Our tours consist of the areas true history, geology, local folk lore, how the area was settled as well as helpful local information and know how.

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What it was like to live up in these neck of the woods during each era of time with the full description of how each community got it’s name and the most important interesting information that will help you understand and appreciate the jewels of our area. We love to share our local knowledge with you and your group, you will enjoy what we have to show and tell you as it’s heart felt and factually based.

Things to do in Mount Shasta

Get Outside!  Mount Shasta is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.  Fish are abundant in the lakes, streams, and rivers throughout the area, and hanging out by the water is always a pleasant way to pass the time.  Hiking trails are littered throughout the mountains and the Pacific Crest Trail crosses Interstate 5 just 30 miles south of Mount Shasta at Castle Crags State Park.  Take a ride on the Blue Goose Excursion Train and get breathtaking views of Mt. Shasta on the three hour ride.  The area is awesome to explore and taking drives on the highways and byways is always a good time for those that are less inclined to mountaineer 14,000 foot tall volcanoes.

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